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Star Wars Battlefront II - Release Notes - May Hotfix

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Hi everyone,

In this hotfix we’ve made a change to pre-round timers get you into matches faster. On top of that we’ve fixed an issue where equipped Hero Emotes were not triggering, as well as fixing the Rank up bug which prevented users from getting the Rank 50 Achievement / Trophy. We’ve also fixed a few other issues.

The Star Wars Battlefront II Team

  • Lowered pre-round timer on all Game Modes from 60 to 45 seconds; Hero Showdown has been reduced to 20 seconds
  • Fixed a bug where players wouldn’t receive their Rank based Achievement / Trophy on the correct level, preventing players from getting the Rank 50 version
  • Fixed a bug where the player inside the AT-AT could be killed by many of Emperor Palpatine’s abilities
  • Fixed a bug where Leia Organa’s Boushh Appearance was not triggering the correct voice when triggering an Emote in-game
  • Fixed a bug where equipped Hero Emotes would not trigger
  • Lowered the enemies defeated requirements for Weekly Challenges from 10 to 5
  • Further improvements to hitting the target with Darth Maul’s FURIOUS THROW Ability
  • Fixed a few crash / player stuck issues
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