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Improving block

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edited June 2018
If the block mechanic were proper it would be more like this:

Striking into block shouldn’t stagger you (like that famous Vader v Skywalker gif).
However timing the block perfectly (small window) would cause a stagger.

That way there’d be free flowing combat.

We could go further and add a block break mechanic in these 2 ways:

1. Heavy strike/blast- using the empty Δ/Y input we can have heavy attacks to break block. Some examples..
Han Solo- Lucky shot like BF2015
Boba Fett- Flamethrower like BF2015
Luke Skywalker- Heavy strike
Darth Vader- like Rogue One

2. Saber attack directionality..
Stab (straight strike)- strike while stationary
Hack (vertical strike)- strike while moving forward or backward
Slash (horizontal strike)- strike while moving left or right

Then 2-3 slashes could open the block to a hack or stab and vice versa.



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