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Following Ranks losses discussion: Do we need our own backup?

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The Rank losses which occurred circa 31-05-2018 have now thankfully been restored in my case. From what I can see across the threads...for others too. The credits I gained during the interim period of chaos appear to have remained intact but I don't think any interim level ups were added from interim progress registered (as per the recorded promise from EA helpdesk). Overall though... I am just glad to have my ranks restored as they were the far greater loss. Ranks have been restored to both troopers and heroes as per the pre-break levels.

So good work and well done to the "squadrons" of EA Devs that were rounded up onto this debacle to bring it swiftly to a close. There is hope. This game is built on hope to paraphrase a rebel long gone.

However, the widespread worry witnessed on the forums that this particular server overwrite caused to players raises the question of whether or not as players that we should have a facility now to save our own ranking and play records onto our own systems? Perhaps once on the hour, at will, or maybe once commencing or closing each login. A system that could potentially be used to restore our own records from back up....or even simply the ability to send EA our own backup file to be reinstated if necessary.

Things turned out okay this time. But what if our data really does get badly overwritten, lost or corrupted for a far longer period? Or permanently?

Basically, do we need our own backups for reassurance and confidence in the game?


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