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Heavy Strike mechanic should be introduced for lightsaber heroes to break blocks

After playing Hero Showdown for a while with lightsaber heroes, I'm noticing just how annoying it is dealing with enemy lightsaber heroes who constantly block. During a lightsaber duel whenever I hit the hero while blocking, I get pushed back as if there was some force field protecting the hero. As a result, I'm simply not able to continue swinging and drain their stamina until it drains completely where they are unable to block at all. I find this very irritating as it just drags out the duel and only becomes a waiting game until the player decides not to block and I find my opening there.

I feel a heavy strike mechanic should be introduced like the last game, only better, to completely drain a lightsaber hero's stamina entirely and be free to attack. Perhaps this can work when you hold down the swing button for like 2 or 3 seconds with a slight extra lunge. One important factor is that the lunge locks on properly similarly to Kylo Ren's frenzy and Phasma's staff strike, otherwise, the attack might be a bit useless when trying to use a heavy strike against other enemies besides lightsaber heroes. If you successfully land a strike against an enemy or an enemy lightsaber hero not blocking at all, they should get knocked down so you feel the impact of the strike.

Whatever the case is, there needs to be something introduced to breakthrough a lightsaber hero's block as the combat mechanics for lightsaber heroes desperately needs improvement, especially if new lightsaber heroes will be introduced in the future such as potentially Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous.
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