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The Last Saga Game

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I wanted to put this out there before the upcoming reveals at EA PLAY.

There is a fair chance that in addition to some Season 3 news, that far more important information (in terms of the games future) regarding the purchasing of emotes, skins, and poses will also be shared.

It's important because this is how the game will survive and thrive, moving forward.

Which brings me to the point. Whether you despise EA for their past transgressions, or you're indifferent to the loot box controversy, or you're just really hopeful that this game will be great, I implore you... If you love Star Wars... If you love this game... Support it the best you can.

This will probably be The Last Saga Game for the foreseeable future. The last game that spans Episode I —Episode IX (and incorporates Anthology films) for a long while.

That doesn't mean that Lucasfilm won't revisit them at some point, but all together like this..? Doubtful. Especially when you consider that there's a whole host of movies and tv shows in the pipeline. From Rian Johnson's trilogy (in a previously unseen era) and Benioff & Weiss's (who did Game of Thrones) series of movies (which has been rumored to be Old Republic themed), to Jon Favreau's streaming service series-post ROTJ, to any future games that will be "inspired by" certain eras and events. With all the new trilogy's and film series in the pipeline, there will be other eras for games to mine.

We know that Battlefront 3 wouldn't debut until 2020 at the earliest. And yes, there's a chance that it will use all the best parts of BF2015 & BF2017, but I just can't see them going to the well a THIRD TIME.

If/when Battlefront 3 hits, it will be likely related to whatever comes first: Rian Johnson or Benioff/Weiss. Now it would be great if Battlefront 2 stayed around like a platform and kept on expanding, post-2020, with new content from these movies instead of starting from scratch again, but that is unlikely.

Now, I know what you're thinking... I'm not saying that the way EA handled the game at launch was right. I'm not saying that if you're ****, that you shouldn't be, or you don't have the right to be. The player base has the right to complain about the lack of content, but as the playerbase we have to take ownership of the fact that what has transpired has happened because we wanted things to change—however justified we were. The delay in new content and the change in the business model for EA are all a direct result of gamers pushing for change.

We pushed for change and we got it. Now we need to show patience, and SUPPORT. On the flip side, EA/DICE have been given the benefit of the doubt for too long and it's time to make good on promises. I think that is about to begin in earnest very soon. Clearly, they have been listening. And they've been running to catch up. But we're only spiting ourselves if we continue to punish EA/DICE for the past. If we fail to support this game it may be the last we see a SAGA spanning game for a very long time.

They're about to tell us how we can support the game. If we support it, this will be a great game for a long time. It will be the ultimate Saga game... If not, we won't get this chance again for a long time. We will all miss out. They need to hold up their end of the bargain. If they do, can we?



  • OOM19
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    Don't see how we wouldn't get a Saga game again

    It's not like they'll take away OT content for some TV series

    Making a game with all 3 sagas really shouldn't be too difficult since all the classes would use the same skeleton and animation if they followed the way this game handled it

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  • Really hope vehicle, special unit and hero progress can transfer into BF3.
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  • Holy ****, I misread the title and spent the whole OP trying to figure out what this had to do with SEGA. :p

    Reading r hard suntim!
  • Spiito
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    I've been supporting the game and will continue to do so.
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  • StayOnTarget
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    Really hope vehicle, special unit and hero progress can transfer into BF3.

    I too would like to see that. And even something like, how with some games, you'd get a bonus skin/item/cosmetic/whatever for having a save file from the previous title (e.g. the Hulkbuster skin in the Incredible Hulk video game for having an Iron Man: The Video Game save file).

    To be a little more on topic, I agree with Scoundrel, and I do hope this game survives and survives well. For everything that's surrounded it, I cannot deny I have enjoyed it a great deal, and it appears a good chunk of the community has too. Here's to the future!
  • mastery0ta
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    There has been an awakening.. have you felt it? it started with Ben.. I have a good feeling about EA play
  • I will continue to support this game until IX, after that, I don't know. I am hoping EA and Dice will bring us so much content for this game, that it will continue to last.
    Give me an Old Luke skin, and we will be best friends. He is the only one I plan on buying with real $. :-)
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