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[Emperor Palpatine] Needs a minor damage increase

Emperor Palpatine:

Emperor Palpatine's lightning attacks have been nerfed to a point where using his stun ability and a two-handed lightning attack, he is unable to defeat an opponent even after the stun ends and then they defeat him with a lightsaber, blaster or any special ability (which will instantly kill him instead). I believe that Emperor Palpatine's lightning attacks have been over-powering in the past but they are now embarassingly underpowered and I notice no one uses him for long during matches. Is it unfair that the Dark Side gets such a special character? Maybe, he is the uniquest one in the game. Regardless: he should be on-par with blaster wielding characters; not weaker nor stronger.


  • Devlin21
    8294 posts Member
    His damage output is fine, just keep jumping.

  • I see gun heroes have been buffed either directly or indirect making them better against palpatine when playing as him. Most times I hardly put a dent in a gunner if it is just 1v1 non-noob, which is a good thing I guess. Palpatine is still way to powerful, take advantage of not only able to jump float but also to platforms and odd objects gunners can't reach, use hit and run tactics more, if you can't 1v1 be more useful by sticking to team and if it becomes 1v1 run away which he is great at doing. Palpatine shutdown runners and is a very good distraction since you could just get behind enemies. Lightsabers seem easier to beat now even in 1v1 situations, more so against yoda which he could use a buff or two.

    I do favor palpatine over the rest of the villains yet slowly seeing a decline in usage with other players. He might get picked for starting team but changes within 2-3 deaths, even for me if team comp. is poor. Regardless, I do feel he is prefect where he is, maybe some nerfs to those around him would make him even better in the future. The one thing I don't like is the delay in stun animation and how short it came be at times, even the stun+ card is silly with 3+ players needed. I also sometimes feel dmg up when stun card doesn't work properly.

    He will never be on par with blasters because of the jedi leaps, princess peach float, and akuma dodge.
  • So basically buff the strongest hero ? Mmm, yes.
  • HvV_pro
    449 posts Member
    This post is another example how lost bf2 gamers are and how bad their skills/ideas for "balances" are... by far the least skilled community ever in gaming fr
  • Jello770
    5592 posts Member
    He’s bugged right now.
    Psn: Jello770
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