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The Tie Fighter that Refused to CRASH!

Coming back from a 3 days hiatus of my daily BUGs exposure, here is the Tie Fighter that didn't want to crash.

I have no idea how to reproduce this BUG, and it's a rare BUG, as it never happened to me before (the clip is from RogueOneKenobi).

If you want to help fix this BUG, come to answers.ea and upvote this BUG report:

I'll resume my daily exposure of BUGs, and expect some extra videos to compensate for the 3 days hiatus
Tired of BUGs?
Well, they'll still exist.
But visit the Rogue Bros Channel, there we document many BUGs and possible workarounds for them. There's also gameplay and other videos related to EA's Star Wars Battlefront (I & II)


  • DrX2345
    2888 posts Member
    I've seen the bug before, once in first hand gameplay but mainly in 'random moments' videos. It's a little unfortunate, but tbh it probably shouldn't be a priority fix because it's not really a big deal - someone who was going to crash and die anyway just had a weirdly long crash time or possibly had an opportunity to abandon ship and survive on the ground, but big deal lol. Funny to see a TIE just flailing around on a roof.
    OOM19 wrote: »

    Imagine it

    A horde of Bipedal Millennium Falcons with cheeseburgers for legs
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  • This thread is in the wrong category
    My priority list:

    1. Fix Split screen mode bugs
    2. Fix bugs
    3. Bigger play area for Duel mode
    4. More love for Starfighter modes
    5. First Person only mode
  • Evazan127
    8105 posts Member
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