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Some Blaster Heroes Need a Buff

Given the changes to the roll/dodge system are more than fair, there needs to be more balance between lightsaber and blaster heroes. Right now almost any lightsaber hero can take out a blaster hero in a vast majority of one-on-one engagements. About the only 50/50 matchup is the block-less wonder, Darth Maul. A lot of these changes are due to HvV experience, but should not effect the heroes too terribly.

So to whit, here are some changes I would consider.

Reduce Damage Received for all Heroes: In GA this should give players better survivability

Institute a Blaster Hit "Stagger": A hit from a blaster should cause the victim a momentary stagger to stop their advance. Force lightsaber users to block. Right now a blaster user can shoot Vader in the head while he's swinging his lightsaber, but while the lightsaber strike causes you to stagger, the blaster hit does nothing except cause damage. There is no penalty to the lightsaber user because they will eventually get the kill and then regenerate. If this change were instituted, increases in damage could likely be unnecessary.

Han Solo: Slight increase in DL-44 max damage at close range. Shoulder charge should knock down opponents.

Leia Organa: Increase in max damage at close range.

Lando Calrissian: Increase in overall damage. His blaster right now is a pea shooter except in the hands of someone with really fast fingers. It should be lower than the DL-44, but with the faster fire rate, they should have equal DPS IMO.

Finn: Please get rid of the Aimbot ability. Make it something else. It takes no skill to use.

Chewbacca: His furious bowcaster, while being the best shot a Light Side hero has in a one-on-one engagement, still creates an enormous imbalance. In this case, most lightsaber users don't have a chance against it. However, any competent Chewbacca user is virtually guaranteed the highest score given the damage output toward assists and coupled with his stun grenade, the number of kills he can get. IMO his standard damage needs a buff given that his fire rate is so slow. Furious Bowcaster should receive a penalty to movement speed AND aim sensitivity, so that he can't track force users who are trying to jump to escape the damage. This should result in fine initial damage, but reward the opponent for dodging and moving quickly out of the line of sight.

Boba Fett: Slightly reduce his jetpack speed and maneuverability. He can evade as the target 90% of the time, and most players simply run. Buff his health at least 50 since he'll be taking more hits and buff his overall blaster damage. Encourage Boba players not to run so easily.


Bossk: I get that he can regrow limbs and such but his total regeneration is impractical in gameplay. His damage on everything is fine, and his jumping enables him to escape more easily.

Iden Versio: I think her damage is mostly ok, and her secondary fire gives her a good chance of survival in close quarters.

Captain Phasma: Again, a gun that starts with terrible spread and gets tighter is ridiculous. She needs a reduction in fire rate and increase in damage, because inevitably the player must try to track moving targets and you end up wasting more bolts than hitting. Also make the fire spread more normal.

Ideas. Discuss.
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