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My Thoughts on EA Play 2018 Presentation

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edited June 2018
After having watched all the E3 press conferences I figured I'd give EA my two-cents on its presentation here.

First, I'm glad you guys at DICE tackled the issue of loot boxes directly. Thank you Dennis for admitting you guys messed and I'm glad the Battlefield V developers specifically mentioned no loot boxes or season passes. Additionally, I want to say I'm glad you guys said you are going to give us the Battlefront II content we've all been clamoring for: Clone Wars and Conquest (or something of that concept). The addition of capital ships along with command posts also intrigues me. If you guys are giving us the ground-to-space combat that Free Radical was experimenting with 10 years ago you will sell more copies. I guarantee it. Dennis you are hereby the chosen one, don't let us down.

However, I'm a little worried about the loot box messaging being mixed given the ultimate team functions still being highlighted for the EA Sports titles. I get that is a different demographic of gamer and the devs are different, but I still think it would behoove EA for this message of no loot boxes to come from across the board.

My chief criticism of EA Play was that the overall feel of the conference was that it felted more like it was catering to stock holders rather than gamers. We saw very general overviews of each game with very little to no gameplay being demonstrated and no details on the various games system of how it works (i.e. skins, matchmaking, spawn selection, game mode demonstrations.) Hardcore gamers love the details and if you give us those details we are likely to get excited and pre-order because we like what we see. We didn't get very much from Battlefield V or Anthem. Yes the Anthem gameplay look cool, but we didn't learn much about how the structure of the game will work as I previously mentioned.

The one game that had the most screen time was that Command and Conquer mobile game. That shouldn't happen. The big blockbusters titles like Battlefield V and Anthem should get the most gameplay attention. I also consider the CnC mobile game not the return of the franchise long time fans were hoping for. I think I speak for much of the community when I say we want a proper Command and Conquer game released on console and PC. (Hail Kane!!) Most gamers attending or watching E3 aren't that interested in mobile games and they were highlighted too much.

While I'm excited for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the revealed was anti-climatic. Even a teaser trailer would've excited us like the original 35 second teaser for the previous Battlefront. Vince himself seemed rather uncomfortable. The whole reveal of details for his game felt very forced and awkward.

In summary:
1. admitting you guys screwed up on the loot boxes is a plus, but messaging is still mixed due to the EA Sports titles.
2. Focus more time on gameplay and the features of the game. This is more likely to sell. The most well received conferences focus the majority of their time on this.
3. Make revealing a new game climatic and not force a reveal from the lead developers who clearly isn't prepared to share details.
4. Cater your conference to gamers not shareholders. Do something different for those guys. E3 is for the gamers.
5. Less time focus on mobile games
6. Give us a proper Command and Conquer game. (Hail Kane!!)
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