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Early Extraction feedback / some suggestions

Some observations on a first rounds of extraction ( Extraction veteran from BF2015 ) I did not get owned, I was doing the owning ( ie it was too unbalanced IMO ) As it stands feels best as beer Party mode rather than a tight fun match as it was in BF15 ( pre Heroes ClusterFck ) ....and could be again :-)

As predictable Enforcers (over) dominate- especially the Wookie

The class system and progression appears to have the most negative impact in any 2017 mode to date. My gut feel is that a levelled set of classes ( eg all damage values etc are even for THIS mode and no enforcers could make this a really good 'back and forth' game ) ???

Newcomers will struggle against players with purple cards ( because the small improvements feel MORE significant in this modes with current maps) ... also leading to being able to get the all importamt Enforcers quicker

Jabba Palace map plays much better( more even ) than Kessel IMO . But if like me you know the palace inside out it was a HUGE adavantage

Kessel too easy to spawn camp the attackers . As a single (purpled) Officer with turret I could hold down this area against multiple players stopping any progression. Kessel felt too easy to win as Attacker even with a 'weak' team .Not sure yet just why

Jabba's Palace ( the Skiff Map ) from BF15 was brilliant for Extraction and might be possible without jetpacks....pretty please :smile:
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