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Little Things That Could Make This Game Great - Part 1

Hero/Villain Entry

1. Hero Intro Cinematics
These were a fun part of BF2015 and should make a return in BF 2018. They lent an epic feeling to a hero entry and made it feel more like a major event as opposed to the current state, which is a bit underwhelming.

2. Holograms
Holograms may have been removed from the main menu and UI, but there's one place where they could (and should) make a comeback. One of the things that I loved from the Survival Modes in BF2015 was the way Admiral Ackbar sent the player a hologram of which stormtroopers were coming in the next wave. This should be implemented into Galactic Assault (and Conquest). How?

While the player who selects the Hero sees the cinematic play as he enters the game, so too should the rest of the troops on ground see the same cinematic in hologram form in the upper left corner.

For IN-ERA heroes the Hero should be called out by name. Like when in the Prequel Maps and Yoda joins the battle the announcer says "Well look at that, we got a friend on site... Master Yoda has arrived."

For CROSS-ERA heroes, the callouts can and SHOULD be generic. I have a whole theory on how cross-era heroes should be handled in the future.

The OPPOSING TEAM should also get a holo-message from the field general warning of the approach of an enemy hero. And it should be the same holo-image that everyone sees. Again, IN-ERA gets name checked, CROSS-ERA gets a generic "agent of the resistance" plug.

3. Troop Reaction to Heroes and Related Banter
Troopers need to have audible reactions to the presence of heroes on the battlefield. Not just the "some hot shot is mowing down droids" type of comm chatter, or "For Jedha!" type of troop chatter, but genuine reactions. Like in Ewok hunt to where stormtroopers yell, "Ewok spotted!"

Rebel Troops should be saying things like, "Vader! Run its Darth Vader! Vader is coming. Run for your lives! Hold your ground!" Would love to hear the same panic in their voices as in a Rogue One when facing Vader.
Stormtroopers should be yelling on-sight, things like "Skywalker! Get that rebel scum!"

These are little things that would increase the QoL and immersion factors, and I'd be very happy to see implemented.


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