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DICE - please REVERT Rey, Palpatine, and Maul to earlier builds - every "fix" makes them more broken

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edited June 2018
Please revert Rey to the build that was prior to Season 2 Part 2 - it was good that her strike could break through blocks - now she is more broken than before because if she hits a secondary target with her dash it keeps hitting them until they die.

Please revert Palpatine to the build that was prior to Season 2 Part 1 - he now cannot break through a guarding saber user's stamina, his lightening will hit people at all sorts of weird angles, and his stamina recharge is really slow and buggy. It is fine if he can damage an ATAT driver compared to all the crazy stuff that has been happening with him since you attempted to fix him. Please just revert.

Please revert Maul to his original build. His saber throw was perfect then and has been a disaster since (after 3 fix attempts).

In all, I might suggest that you just put these characters back to their earlier functional builds and no longer try to fix heroes, because each time things get worse - its sad to say, but it's the truth
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