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Extraction End Game Screen Bugged

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It appears that the end game screen for extraction is bugged and the victory poses have the incorrect gamer tags. An example would be my name under a rebel assault player but I was on the Imperial team and was playing as an officer. I notice it the most when I get the highest score in the match and my victory pose is there but it has the wrong name. This is a minor thing but it should still be fixed.

Also can't help but get this reaction somtimes.
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  • I noticed this too today. I was unclear what was going on since it showed a rocket trooper above my name yet I never played as a rocket trooper. I guess it was someone else? It might have happened more than once, but it was the first I noticed.
  • Hopefully it gets restored in the hotfix
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  • One of the tips of the iceberg
    Priority list:

    1. Fix Split Screen bugs and the rest
    2. Reduce bright Saber glows especially on Yodas head
    3. 41st Scout clone trooper
    4. Max out Arcade maps Combat area
    5. First Person only mode
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