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Custom Class & Hero Loadouts/Builds Revisited [Pt. 2] (6/14/2018)

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Here we are again people. New Guide, More Builds, and my First time Sharing my Hero Loadouts!!! I hope those reading this get nothing but the Best experiences from what we're going to cover today. As usual at the end I will link all previous guides with previous builds to keep stacking ALL my Custom builds for you all. Lets get into it.

Let's first cover the New Class Loadouts/Builds:

Assault Builds:

Loadout Name: "Perfect Point"

Weapon: CR-2
Attachments: Reduced Recoil Alone, OR also add Night Vision. Up to your preference.

Star Cards: Assault Training, Marksman, Toughen Up.

This build is another Aggressive type build. Meant for enemy unit disruption and pressure building against enemy movements/emplacements. This is simple, Engage, Aim for the Head, Spray and Pray, Use Toughen Up when you break LOS, and Engage again, Rinse and Repeat. This build allows you to recklessly fire and scare down enemies while being targeted by multiple enemies while being alone. You heal Per kill, you never overheat if you aim for the head (No reloading required if done right/aiming right for the head), and you have your own medical aid a finger tip away in case things get salty. Practice this until you fear nothing.

Loadout Name: "Cobalt"

Weapon: A280/EL-16 or CR-2
Attachments: A280 (Improved Cooling & Range), EL-16 (Reduced Recoil & Improved Range), & CR-2 (Reduced Recoil Alone, OR also add Night Vision).

Star Cards: Smart Ion Grenade, Bounty Hunter or Recharge Vanguard, Improved Scan Dart.

This is the Jack of all Trades Assault build. Your Ion grenades are useful in all situations/all phases/engagements, you earn more points for all you do if you choose BH/Can use abilities more often if you choose RCV, and you are more aware/make your team more aware of enemy movements with ISD. Just PTO, it all comes naturally with this build by just playing.

Heavy Builds:

Loadout Name: "Give me my Credits Jabba"

Weapon: DC-15LE or TL-50
Attachments: DC-15LE (Reduced Recoil & Exploding Shot) or TL-50 (Improved Cooling & Reduced Spread).

Star Cards: Ion Torpedo, Bounty Hunter, Ion Turret.

With this build it's all about Anti Vehicle, and Jabba paying up those Credits! :naughty:
Just focus on taking out the enemy Ground Vehicles, Focus on the enemy Air vehicles, Just Focus on them alone. Defend the location you turtle at while you defend your team from Strafe runs and Tanks over running your team.
You will reap the rewards for all your hard work and diligence. Not kidding. After last patch, this is a MUST per side in battle. Need at least 1-2 guys running this to wreak havoc and protect your squads. Good luck!

Loadout Name: "Demagogue"

Weapon: DC-15LE or TL-50
Attachments: DC-15LE (Reduced Recoil & Exploding Shot) or TL-50 (Improved Cooling & Reduced Spread).

Star Cards: Marksman, Bodyguard, Improved Combat Shield.

This is similar to the "Perfect Point" Assault build. Basically do the same, Aim for the head ALWAYS, you wont have healing, but you have a shield instead, More Health, and Less damage from explosions and toxins/gas. Identical play style, but more of a Tanky DPS build. Practice makes Perfect!

Officer Builds:

Loadout Name: "Dissident"

Weapon: Blurrg or SE-44C
Attachments: Blurrg (Reduced Recoil & Improved Burst) & SE-44C (Improved Cooling & Rapid Fire).

Star Cards: Improved Flash Grenade, Marksman, Defuser.

This build is a run and gun, buff your allies, and deter enemy pushes Build. Do what you gotta do, help your team mates out. Support and defend positions. Assist in pushes towards Objectives. You need to focus on headshots, that's the bread and butter of this build. If you can train yourself to just aim for the head all the time you will Only aim for the head from here on out. Rarely over heat your pistols, and be Aggressive without penalty for the most part. Nothing scarier than an enemy that can fire endlessly and chunk health out of you. Even after the patch Officers are Not to be trifled with.

Specialist Builds:

Not gonna cover this as I personally feel there is no one Better than @GenxDarchi to cover this class in it's entirety. Respect to that man and his dedication to pushing for Specialist to be improved/buffed. Months upon months dedicated to get a good start in the right direction with this latest patches buffs for Specialist. If you have Any questions about that class, Ask him.

Now onto my Hero Guides. This will be plain and simple. I could show you a Multitude of Guides for Heroes/Villains. Instead, I will show you How I play and what Star Cards I personally use that give me success in HVV/GA/(Conquest in the Near Future :wink:). Just take note of the Star Cards, and Play to the Characters/Star Cards Strengths. No Commentary needed for this part. Good Luck!

Heroes/Villains Builds:


Boba Fett Star Cards: Acute Concussion, Extended Exposure, Intense Barrage.

Bossk Star Cards: Multi-Traps, Predatory Resilience, Trap Arming Speed.

Darth Vader Star Cards: Intensified Lightsaber Throw, Furious Reslience, Dark Lord.

Emperor Palpatine Star Cards: Lightning Reach, Surge of Lightning, Lightning Absorption.

Iden Versio Star Cards: Droid Batteries, Friend In Battle, Cooled Blaster.

Kylo Ren Star Cards: Harsh Pull, Power Reach, Berserking Tantrum.

Darth Maul Star Cards: Lightsaber Defense, Accelerated Throw, Unrolled Grip.

Captain Phasma Star Cards: The More The Better, Easy Shots, Not Hard Enough.


Chewbacca Star Cards: Wookiee Berserker, Slammed, Furious Resilience.

Han Solo Star Cards: Sharpshooter's Calm, Air Burst, Heavily Modified Blaster.

Lando Star Cards: Hot & Cold, Maximized Efficiency, Wide Eyed.

Leia Organa Star Cards: Rebel Heart, For The Rebellion, Relentless Firing.

Luke Skywalker Star Cards: Cleansing The Darkness, Extended Push Reach, Strong Repulse.

Rey Star Cards: Survivor, Street Fighter, Resilient Dash.

Yoda Star Cards: Unleashed, Jedi Mentor, Master Of The Force.

Finn Star Cards: No More Running, I Can Do This, Raised To Do One Thing.

Again, these are the Loadouts I personally use for GA/HVV without adjustments, and they work Wonders. Just set the cards, and play. They work for ME Universally without issue.

Thanks for reading guys. I hope these builds provide you with some new Insight and FUN to be had! Have a good time everyone.
May the Force be with You, Always.
Other Builds from Guides done before are in the links below:
Read this to learn about Each Class with Basic Loadouts from Day one Playing as well as Learning about who you are and what Kind of Player you want to be/Are.
Read these for more builds from my other guides not listed here. These builds are still awesome and have NOT been affected by any patches.
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Link to all my Guides here in Tips & Tricks:

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