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December CC

Idea's to make Han Solo more viable

Han's not bad, but he isn't great. I've been playing Han ALLOT lately and while he can do allot in some games others, he is completely useless. Allot of Han's success comes down to his team. I've come up with a list of things which could help make Han more viable/reliable in GA.

-Health On Kill card
This is probably the main thing that lets him down, if a starfighter strafes you once, that's it, you're on like 300hp max with no way of getting it back. One vanguard rambo is all it takes.

- Sharpshooter mobility
There's a reason this ability isn't used that often in GA, it's because it makes you so immobile and you can't even zoom in with it. Need to be able to move quicker whilst using sharpshooter.

-Bigger shoulder charge hitbox
Sometimes this ability feels like how Maul's lightsaber throw is currently, the main reason I use this ability is to escape mainly because of how unreliable it is.

-Ability to holster blaster
This isn't anything whatsoever really, just a personal thing, the ability to holster his blaster to run faster I just think it would look call.

I would like to know what you guys think.
Luke main
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