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Appearing Offline

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edited June 2018
I only activate "Appear Offline" when playing single-player games. I can appear online, and decline requests to play other games, or I can appear offline and avoid awkward rejections all-together.You guys?
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  • Jello770
    5592 posts Member
    Same. Sometimes I forgot it’s on though, and get tons of spam invites :D
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  • I only have like... one person on my friend list on PSN that I think would ever send me a game invite (all my friends are anti-social like that :P ) so whether Im offline/online doesn't really make a difference.

    Usually when I play Battlefront II, Im offline... because Im pretty sure the people on my friend list (RPG fans, mostly), would be ashamed of me :P
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  • I play as offline...

    If I wake up early and want to play a few matches before I leave for work. Otherwise, I get hit with party requests, even at 530am.

    Although rare, sometimes I just want to play alone. I may want to grind a challenge(s) or maybe I'm feeling a little antisocial.
  • Warrior
    298 posts Member
    I play offline a lot because I know all of my PlayStation friends. It's one thing to ignore a request, but another to know that your ignoring your friend just a block away irl. I don't get many invites though, unless I'm playing fortnite. My friends like that game wayyy too much.
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  • Empire_TW
    6334 posts Member
    I'm always online, I don't have any irl friends who play BF2 so I don't get invites. I get a rare Fortnite invite sometimes though but that just seems like a game people just spam invite.
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