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[All Heroes] Cross Era fix/Balancing new heroes

I've been thinking about solving the "issue" of cross era Heroes. I understand why this ruins the experience for some people, and I see that Anakin and Obi Wan are coming to the game, but probably as new heroes, which doesn't really stop Kylo ren from slaughtering Clones.

So my suggestions is this: Replace heroes based on era.
So for example if you're in the Prequel era you do the following replacements:
Luke -> Anakin
Rey -> Obi Wan
Finn -> Zamm Wessel
Leia -> Padme
Solo -> (force young or Someone from Rebels or one of the animated ones, sorry i'm not familiar enough with them)
Lando -> (Force the young appearance or Someone from Rebels)
Darth Vader -> Count Duku
Kylo Ren -> General Grievous
Boba Fett -> Jengo Fett (give us back the fire)
Phasma -> Droideka (or maybe IG88)

The big issue here is the Empire era because of the dark side force users, there's really only Vader left. You could throw in StarKiller but that's Legends material, and you'd still need one for Kylo Ren.
You could replace Rey with Old Obi Wan, and Finn with Aayala Secura or something.


  • This is an awful lot of work for a completely unnecessary and trivial change that limits both gameplay variety and arguably fun for most people.

    Plus, Clones can still use guns from the sequel era, and vice versa. So continuity is still not exact, and I be darned if someone limits our already limited selection of guns due to 'canon.'
  • sillysaxon
    131 posts Member
    edited June 2018
    A lot of people seem to want to end the cross era. Personally it doesn't bother me, but it would be a neat way to add in these heroes as simple reskins per era, not sure how that would looking fun, and arguably that's adding more variety to the hero set and it
    wouldn't be as much work as adding new heros entirely. It would be neat

    I hadn't given thought to guns but I personally find the guns unnoticeable in this game. I wish we had more guns, I do miss that about the first game
  • Cross era would be most fun ever and can play out the my dad can beat up your dad scenarios.
  • Part of the fun of this game is being able to play as any hero at any time. Yes its not canon but the game is not supposed to be canon outside of the campaign. Its simple fun that should not be limited by canon restraints.
  • It's the same heros, this is just a reskin to add more diversity to the look. What's so wrong with that
  • Unwarycoin
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    sillysaxon wrote: »
    It's the same heros, this is just a reskin to add more diversity to the look. What's so wrong with that

    I'd prefer Boba Fett to be Boba Fett, and I think the game modes are fine as they are, but if a hypothetical new mode has no cross era heroes from the start, I'd be fine with that (I know you didn't mention that but I'm just addressing the the topic in general, also I'd be fine if a new game mode still has cross era heroes).
    Never forget
  • Or just make the out of era heroes cost 10,000 so they show up less
  • What are you guys talking about? I'm not suggesting a new mode, simply when I'm on Theed it should be a blue Jango Fett instead of a Boba, nothing else different
  • Reskinning the heroes we have now should only be a backup to getting those characters as their own hero option, I just don't see them making all those skins without being able to monetize it.
    (Love the idea, EA/Dice wouldn't/couldn't bite though)
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