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Why It Might Be Okay if We Don't Get Conquest Offline

Let's be clear... Above all else in this game, what I want is a Large Offline Objective-based game mode (like conquest) in Arcade. I want to play as Dennis teased, with Reinforcements, Heroes, Vehicles, and AI versions of those as well. I want to be able to use any/all skins at my disposal. I want a playlist, so I can queue up all the Starfighter Assault and Ground/Conquest battles and run it from Episode 1-9 (and everywhere inbetween).

I play online all the time but I don't really enjoy the multiplayer aspect. Sometimes it's fun (when you get the right group of players, there's no spawn camping, everyone actually plays the objective, snipers don't hawk the spawn points, speeders don't run people over like demolition derby, mismatched players dominate a lobby, etc.) every time I play, I'm reminded why I'd prefer to have the whole experience offline.

I enjoy the Star Wars aspect. Turning off the HUD and running around with heroes really captures the look and feel of the movies and puts you in that "I'm IN Star Wars" headspace. Go ahead, try no HUD Vader on the Death Star, go cut down Rebels, and tell me it doesn't blow away the multiplayer experience...

But I digress... I think eventually, we will get that large scale objective based Conquest mode as has been teased, but more likely, we will first get a Large-Scale Team Battle-ish type mode with Heroes, Vehicles, & Reinforcements ( much like with Starfighter Assualt Arcade).

From what I can tell, I think it's very likely that in the upcoming roadmap we'll be told about the coming of the large scale offline mode, and be given some details about it. When the realization first set in that the offline mode might not be objective based, I was disappointed. I really didn't want a larger version of Team Battle (although larger spaces to roam would be infinitely better). But in lieu of Conquest, this might be EXACTLY, what we want. From what I gather about what the team is planning for offline PvE, the more interested and excited I'm getting.

I'm thinking that this new Large Scale Arcade mode will be a much more polished version of Skirmish from BF2015. I don't expect true objectives! but I think that there will be on-rails Walkers on each map, and each match (although it will essentially be a glorified Team Battle with vehicles and heroes, etc) will have some sort of story-based objective via cinematic form. They could simply give the Walkers a health bar and allow players to freely shoot at them as they march toward the final "objective."

Think of it like a movie battle scenario... When the Rebels were on Hoth, they were just trying to take down the Walkers and buy time for escape. They weren't activating uplinks, or activating objectives.

It all comes down to the implementation. Skirmish in 2015 had objectives, which really meant nothing. Yes, AI went for the objectives, but it had no real effect on the outcome of the battle.
But this has the potential to be pretty cool, and to definitely scratch the offline large -scale itch...

The only "downside" I can see is that with Walkers on rails, the game would be on some sort of time limit. Much like in Walker Assault/Skirmish, the ultimate goal of the "Empire" is to destroy what the "Rebels" are protecting, and vice-versa. I'd love to be able to crank it up to 999 bots/reinforcements, but if my options are complete sandbox with no objectives that feels like just large-scale team Deathmatch, or some story-driven objective that limits the troop reinforcements... I'll take objectives every time.


  • Good points but I think we might get Large Arcade Team Battle, Large Arcade Onslaught and Large Arcade Objective-mode, whatever that may be. That seems to be the patterin they've taken with Custom Arcade (with blast-maps, with Starfighter-maps and now with Large Arcade-maps). I think it's a very good path to takes and that it adds some variety without being too much work for devs.

    Now we just need Starfighter Assault-mode and Large Arcade-modes and we are pretty much set.

  • Just wanted to say... Based on the improved AI In SKIRMISH BF 2015, and sudden addition of friendly AI AT-STs, (possible hero AI SIGHTINGS) and other sudden behavior improvements to AI, I think an arcade conquest is a very real possibility.
  • Been playing and I haven't seen any AT-ST's!
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