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LEGO Ideas Stuff and a big Geonosis Arena.

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Hiya, how's it going? So... there's a guy on LEGO Ideas who's made a Petranaki Arena, and with Geonosis coming to BF2, I wondered if you guys wanted to support his set to give LEGO some ideas.

"I felt there was a large amount of human chauvinism... also I felt very bad that at the end the Wookie didn't get a medal also... oh, all the people got medals but the Wookie who had been in there fighting all the time, didn't get any medal, and I thought that was an example of Anti-Wookie discrimination." - Carl Sagan on the subject of Star Wars
He knew.


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    I think they were gonna make a set of the arena way back then but got scrapped I think. It would probably be best to sell it in separate sets so it wouldn't be extremely expensive set.
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