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Community Transmission
December CC

675th Legion Clone Troopers Recruitment (Xbox 1)

The 675th Legion is a Clone Trooper faction on Star Wars Battlefront II. We currently have 41 members that is full of activity and people who just love to play Star Wars. We have clan lobbies throughout the week that fill Galactic Assault lobbies and dominate them as a functional clan. We have division last that you can join that goes towards your talents or skills in the game that you are the best at. Those divisions are ARF (Our recon division comprised of Stealth, Sniping, and fast pace movers like the Jet Trooper ), we have our ARC( Which is comprised of Heavy classes lovers and tank lovers, then we have Star Fighter Squadron(These are the kind of people who love to contest the sky in Star Fighter assault and in Galactic Assault. Message Phos Veracudee on the Xbox was Onesie to join our 675th Legion CloneTrooper
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