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Extraction in general

Sucks, give us back ewok hunt you liars


  • Batman20
    1755 posts Member
    It's awful every time I play it's just grenade after grenade being thrown and Wookiees melting everybody
  • camerog
    225 posts Member
    its my favorite mode. I always played HvV or SA, but this mode has finally brought me to play trooper classes.
  • Jello770
    5592 posts Member
    edited June 2018
    Bruh it’s awesome.

    Psn: Jello770
  • I really enjoy it. The glare at the end of Jabba's Palace and the Imperial right flank on the outside of Kessel both need toned down.

    When I experience nade spam I run Defuser and Recharge command (Officer class) and that keeps them in check, plus rack up enough BP to get 2-3 Enforcers.
  • Zyder
    379 posts Member
    Extraction is purely fun. But it needs plenty of maps-
  • This mode allows you to explore and utilize more/different star cards that have much higher value in extraction than GA or blast. Needs more maps of course.
  • I use it as a warm up before I play other modes (usually strike).

    I love the glare. It’s ultra-realistic and makes the scan cards and abilities far more valuable.

  • Really nice, the anti-grenade card is so good in this mode! :)

    More map please, Bespin an Kamino would be awesome.
  • Evazan127
    8105 posts Member
    What did they lie about

    Batman20 wrote: »
    It's awful every time I play it's just grenade after grenade being thrown and Wookiees melting everybody
    Use officer with resourceful + recharge command + defuser and just spam defuser like crazy.

    You’ll rack up tons of point helping your team greatly. Just watch out for Sonic Imploders
  • tts42572
    1107 posts Member
    Isn't every mode just spamming one thing or another?

    I like the mode....Lots of good action and no heroes or vehicle spam.

    I'll agree the wookies are a bit annoying but for me it's mostly becuse the counterparts on the other side are mostly terrible. I know some like Death Troopers but wookies have the edge due to the difference in the grenades if you ask me.
  • bfloo
    15517 posts Member
    It needs some tweaking. Spawn trapping can be an issue, but it is fun.

    I'd like to see it limited to 1 reinforcement for each side.
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  • BlackarrowPSN
    11 posts Member
    edited June 2018
    It’s my favorite mode. I generally have a hard time spotting and finding enemies. Extraction is a mode where I have a general understanding of how the battle will usually flow. It really helps me a lot.

  • Jello770 wrote: »
    Bruh it’s awesome.

    Thanks for posting that. I've been looking for a good specialist in extraction vid. I play assault and officer but with the health buff to specialist and the double xp weekend I decided to give him a go. It's been tough finding a rhythm and my kill count has been much lower... but I'm hoping once I get burst for her a280 it will help. He's a tricky class to get use to. I enjoyed your use of the trip mine though it's similar to how I use the turret to watch my back so I will try that.
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