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Falcons comparing

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Hey folks!

I wanna discuss about the falcons, mainly their speed/maneuverability.

Rey is bad ( in kit she is just bad, doesnt give anything to her team. Slow, No Dmg)
Han is Really good ( Good hp, Fine speed, Awesome Dmg)
Lando is Awesome! ( Fine Hp, Really Good Speed, Good Dmg)

Before Lando i used Han on his Speed build:
Engine Upgrade - 16% speed boost
Afterburner - CD reducation to 10sec
Reinforced Hull - 20% hp or
Wookiee Engineering - 20% dmg on spec mod

Since Lando has landed into the game i finally find what i missed from Han's Falcon from the begining and it was the speed and maneuverability what Lando possess!

I'm begging you Dice to boost Hans/Rey base speed/ maneuverability cause atm its painfull to use Han' Falcon cause its feels super slow next to Lando even on speed build.

Boost Hans Afterburner's speed a little.

Yes i know Lando has less hp with 2k but i would rather boost Lando hp a bit and give little bit more speed to Han/Rey to make them faster. + balance issues.

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