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Community Transmission

Wookie Warrior + officer with recharge commander = Amazing.

Three heroes down with a Wookie warrior with some random officer just staying by me. I thank you random officer.

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  • some of the most ridiculous OP rubbish I have seen is Finn + Yoda + 2x WW + 2x Recharge Officers, Naboo, GA, last phase. Those wookies were just wrecking balls. those 100 tickets drained pretty quick. Good times for sure!
  • Ultra clever combo taking advantage of all the healers, lol.
    “There is always hope.”
  • tts42572
    1111 posts Member
    I always run toward the wookies with my officer and try to keep buffing them....Especially playing Extraction :)
  • Raylol
    1140 posts Member
    I saw this today in Kashyyk, was amazing. Unlimited wookie health and granades
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