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The Repulser Cannon: A Story Of Woe

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edited June 2018
So there I was, playing extraction, doing quite well if I do say so myself. Everything was going according to plan, when it hit me, the MOST powerful, INCREDIBLY overpowered weapon I have EVER been hit with... I got hit so hard I was blasted into oblivion and back, several times, in fact. I think if I had been hit with it any more than just once, I might not be here today, I think it would've completely crashed my computer with no hope of recovery. After this event, we got absolutely steamrolled because their entire team discovered this new super weapon and overwhelmed us with their awe-inspiring power. I think if they don't remove this card from the game it might just erase itself from existence.

Please get rid of this ridiculous card and save us from an untimely demise...


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