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Darth Plagueis (by James Luceno) is so good!

I am almost 2/3 into the Darth Plagueis book and it's SO good! Dark, intense and provides so much depth to both Plagueis (his raw power and intellect) and his relationship with Palpatine (and his early years), as well as to the lore of the Dark Side in general.

This is the 3rd SW book I've read - previous 2 both by Luceno as well: Catalyst and Tarkin. Plagueis, however, is the best of the 3.

To those who've read it - what do you think? And what other similar SW books would you recommend?


  • Cad_Bane
    6252 posts Member
    It’s unfortunate that the DP book is no longer canon :/

    Thrawn series is good. I also enjoyed lost stars and battlefront twilight company.

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