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Why buy "Appearances" for Offline with this Roadmap?

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edited July 2018
At This point I see nothing in the Roadmap for offline. (Appearance$ Galore)

Where is the Starfighter Arcade Assault Mode and the Big Vehicle Mode promised for Offline?

No Point buying crystals to get "Appearances" just to play boring small map death-match offline.

Disappointed big time.

I do not trust DICE for finishing the offline portion of this game, all ready went thru the Battlefront 1 unfinished offline fiasco. Hope i am proven wrong.
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  • Evazan127
    8105 posts Member
    I am content with the offline content. They’ve given everything that was needed IMO.
  • Evazan127
    8105 posts Member
    Of course more would be good but we have all base maps and we’ve been getting all the new maps as well as starfighter combat. Much better than last game.
  • AxeWin
    46 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    I prefer the walker assault skirmish in BF1 even in its abandoned buggy state, then the most basic of fps mode possible team deathmatch with ai bots.

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  • ross42899
    1500 posts Member
    I assume the announced new larger game mode coming in fall will be the mode we will get for offline as well. They've said we won't get a GA copy for offline but they are working on a new large mode. Makes only sense to create a new large mode playable online and offline.

    And like Evazan127 said, so far they've added a lot to offline/arcade. We got all missing vanilla maps, all new maps and Starfighter mode offline. And while I agree that a large offline mode must be added to the game, I'm greatly enjoying the current arcade mode (just wish some maps like Yavin & Mos Eisley did have slightlöy bigger maps).
  • Offline needs more, but what's there is all right.
    I do hope for more of course.
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