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When will we finally get more skins for Empire/First Order and Luke?

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So, we got many skins for Rebels & Resistance by now and Han & Leia got a nice collection of skins too. New Clone appearances will arrive in the coming months too.

Unfortunately we still haven't gotten any new skins for the Empire & First Order (except for a few officer head variants) and Luke Skywalker.

As the Empire is my favorite faction, I'm quite a bit disappointed we didn't get at least a few skins from the last game by now. Plus I was expecting new trooper skins from the Solo season.

There are so many possible options for the Empire:

- Gender options for all classes
- Pauldron options
- Officers with black uniform variants
- Navy Troopers
- Mud Troopers
- Patrol Troopers
- Shadow Scouts
- Shocktroopers
- TIE Pilots
- AT-ST Pilots

just to name a few.

For the FO you also could add gender options for all classes, officers with blue uniform variants, pauldron options, executioner stormtroopers, TIE-Pilots etc.

I'm really hoping we will get at least a few more options for the Empire & FO in the coming months.

Also Luke Skywalker is also lacking skin options right now. We only have his black & Hoth outfit. There are so many iconic outfits for him. His Farmboy, Bespin and Endor Outfit, just to name some of the most popular ones. I really hope he will get some more skins soon too.
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