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So if I want to change the button of Lightsaber Ignition, how would I do it...

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And I had to wait devs to answer me on how to do it, I'd probably never be able to accomplish that.

But as with other things, there's a solution to that.

Lightsaber Ignition is actually your fourth skill (Lower Skill), although it doesn't show on screen.

So if you want to change the button related to Lightsaber Ignition, just change the button for the lower ability. Mind you this may also change on Starfighters which do have a Lower Ability (Poe & Iden), and it certainly changes the use of those anti-Walker weapons (as you can press the lower ability button to toggle between your primary weapon and the anti-walker weapon).

Another example of this is the Melee Button. For weapons that have 2 different zoom options, you must first push the zoom button, and then the melee button to change the zoom. This means that if you want to change the button to toggle different zoom distances, you must change the melee button, and by doing so your melee will change as well.

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Can you please tell the dev team to either put a proper button and a mapping option for it on the Options>Control>Key Bindings, or at least that the description for such buttons actually explain it serves more then 1 purpose? Thank you
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Well, they'll still exist.
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