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When will we finally get skins for Empire/First Order and Luke?

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So, we got many skins for Rebels & Resistance by now and Han & Leia got a nice collection of skins too. New Clone appearances will arrive in the coming months too.

Unfortunately we still haven't gotten any new skins for the Empire & First Order (except for a few officer head variants) and Luke Skywalker.

As the Empire is my favorite faction, I'm quite a bit disappointed we didn't get at least a few skins from the last game by now. Plus I was expecting new trooper skins from the Solo season.

There are so many possible options for the Empire:

- Gender options for all classes
- Pauldron options
- Officers with black uniform variants
- Navy Troopers
- Mud Troopers
- Patrol Troopers
- Shadow Scouts
- Shocktroopers
- TIE Pilots
- AT-ST Pilots

just to name a few.

For the FO you also could add gender options for all classes, officers with blue uniform variants, pauldron options, executioner stormtroopers, TIE-Pilots etc.

I'm really hoping we will get at least a few more options for the Empire & FO in the coming months.

Also Luke Skywalker is also lacking skin options right now. We only have his black & Hoth outfit. There are so many iconic outfits for him. His Farmboy, Bespin and Endor Outfit, just to name some of the most popular ones. I really hope he will get some more skins soon too.


  • WonaBett
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    The problem with the soldier skins is they have to be easily identifiable as what class they are. Outfits for the most part can't change unless say each one of those was locked per class

    -Mud Troopers= Heavy
    -Patrol Troopers= Officer
    -Shocktrooper= Assault
    -Shadow Scout= Specialist

    Gender changes would require more voicework but doable
    Color changes should be easy to do
  • Give me Swamp Troopers and Shadow Troopers, that's all I ask for
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