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So if I’m not mistaken Palpatine got a buff? Wow, so he is strong....really strong


  • Yeah he is way to strong with all this jumping and stunning.
  • Palpatine has just ruined galactic assault for me. He's so fun to play but just a pain if you're light side. Between the jumping and chain lightning he's unstoppable. he doesn't even have to aim. Nothing has been this annoying since the exploding shot bug. I really want to love this game but it just has more and more problems that players are willing to exploit.
  • WonaBett
    94 posts Member
    A fix could be making it not have such a huge lock on so you have to aim at the person or it won't hit. That would make most jumping Palpatine's change tactics or have to have incredible aim to pull it off
  • Devlin21
    8325 posts Member
    its not a buff, hes bugged.

  • johnny_mercury
    4161 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    He now melts heroes fast, has a hard lock that sticks even when pulling in the opposite direction and stamina recharges very quick. He needs tweaked
  • All you have to do is increase his stamina consumption and add stamina loss for force jump.

    This will mean he would be a quick hitter glass cannon, as he should be.
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