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The new lightsaber system HvV/HS - GA

While some people think this fixes the problem of blocking forever in HvV and HS and should stay for those game modes I completely disagree, I hate the new stamina system and it made lightsaber heroes the most underwhelming, I get tired of it in 1 or 2 matches and in GA they are just unplayable
Before all of this, you know how I fought a blocking Vader, waiting to his ability to start its cooldown because it drains most of his stamina, and you can keep dashing with Luke or Joda, and with Kylo you freeze them and use the frenzy, with Vader use the saber throw etc.

So in my opinion this system shouldn’t stay for any gamemode, what we need is a new combat system but until we get to that, I would prefer to return to the prepatch state
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