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[Hero Starfighters] Poe and Tallie & self heals are unbalanced

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edited July 2018
So after playing about 20 matches of Hero Starfighters on different teams and as all the heros I've noticed that two heroes are always the last alive by a long shot and can often take out the entire enemy team.

Poe: Poe seems to just eat up blaster fire. So much so that it's very easy to sit spinning in a circle, use your thruster to make distance, pop a heal, and Bam you're at full tank again. I've seen 3 people try to take down Poe and a combination of the heals and his tanking ability make him ridiculous in terms of balance. I've managed to kill the entire enemy team as just Poe by using this same tactic and slowly chippimg away.

Tallie is nearly impossible to hit. Any game you playing you'll see someone as Tallie just circling forever and ever and ever and able to get 2-3 shots every few seconds because of her speed and turn radius. The moment someone breaks off she will concussion them and the rest of the team can easily obliterate that person. Games often end up at 3v1 and Tallie manages to stay alive by circling, allowing the non hero ships to kill the heros attempting to get Tallie. Often the game will end with a Hero victory just from Tallie doing this

Worse is when you have both. It's essentially one sided. Every game I played on heros had these two and they always lasted the longest of anyone.

I'm not sure what to do about this. But looking for some feedback here.

As it stands now, Tallie is the only one I play as and I'm constantly last alive

As for heals, it seems the heros have more heals than the villains. This combined with the above generally means that unless the hero ships are bad players it's a hero victory every time
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