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Change Match Start Requirement Limit/Even Match Starts - No More Lop-Sided Teams

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edited July 2018
Instead of making it an X amount of players to start, please make it an X amount on both teams to start. We need even starts. Extraction, best example, was great at first but now most matches start uneven and its so bad people just quit right away because they just get spawn killed. No more of this 8v3. either start it when it's 8v8 or take players off the other team, regardless if they are in a party, and put them on the other team to make it 6v5 and next player to join goes to lowest team so it becomes 6v6 before match starts. That is ridiculous to have to play such an uneven match. And this goes out to all modes but Extraction is the biggest example lately I have seen where they start so unbalanced it's not even funny anymore and super frustrating. It needs to be even starts because I now will immediately quit a joined in progress match if I see I'm on a team where it is 8v4 just at te start because it tells me this match got started off in the opposing teams favor and because of that, they already get a head start, more points, wookiees, death troopers, jetpack troopers sooner. it becomes a lop sided match the rest of the way and I'm not going to sit in a match the entire way that was practically given the win to the other team since the start. Even if it gets 8v8 near the end, they will have racked up sooooooo many battlepoints that they don't even stand a chance. even the JIP don't get some BPs to start with to even it out. like 3000 if they join in on phase 3. So the team with the most players at start, higher ratio different in player count, more often wins.


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