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Hvv vs ga star cards

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Do you run different stars starcard for each mode?
I do. I think it's pretty cool that game is set up in a way to allow you to use multiple star cards instead of having crutch perks like a cod game.


  • Devlin21
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    No, unless i plan on playing hvv all day, then ill use all the damage increase cards.

    But dont play hvv any more.

  • I use different star cards for GA and HvV with about 1/2 of the heroes.
    Versatti wrote: »
    Dennis, EA or Disney still do not understand their customer base or how to win them over.
  • I use different Star Cards for HVV and GA. But, for some characters I run the same.

    For instance, on Chewbacca, I use different Star Cards for HVV.
    For HVV I use:
    - Bonus Health
    - Extended Shock
    - Shocked and Vulnerable
    For GA I use:
    - Bonus Health
    - Echoing Roar
    - Furious Resilience.

    On a character such as Han Solo, I use the same loadout for both game modes.
    - Broad Shoulders
    - Air Burst
    - Heavily Modified Blaster

    Without going into too much detail, other characters I use different loadouts for both modes are:
    - Palpatine
    - Kylo Ren
    - Darth Vader
    - Bossk
    - Yoda
    - Rey
    - maybe a few more I don't remember
    Other characters I use the same loadout for both modes:
    - Finn
    - Captain Phasma
    - Lando
    - again maybe a few more I don't remember.
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