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Alien Skins, Iden (Old Skin), Vardos (GA), Pillio (Extraction) Ideas

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Do you think we will be getting any of the content from the Battlefront 2 campaign? It just seems like these additions would be a great fit for online multiplayer. Ben on Twitter said the roadmap will be updated as we go along so I thought I just through my two cents in. If its a bit difficult to port over some of the old weapons can we get the T21-B targeting rifle and the Bo Rifle? The weapons department is lacking and/or have modifications on the guns that don't have any.

New Galactic Assault Map (Vardos)
Would Play Out Like Scarif Extraction but with walkers added! Grab the data as rebels and get back to the ship

New Extraction Map (Pillio)

We definitely need more extraction maps and a brand spankin new one would be great.

As for new alien skins, how about them Gran species? Ree-Yees!


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  • WodiQuix
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    Man, Vardos would have been the perfect GA map. It was interesting to explore in the campaign, and had a nice urban combat feel. That and the lighting and atmosphere were killer with the lightning and Imperial flags! Put it in!
  • WodiQuix
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    And Pillio was another beautiful map that would play great in multiplayer.
  • WodiQuix wrote: »
    And Pillio was another beautiful map that would play great in multiplayer.

    Boo to the progression system for halting potential maps to come out lol. That sure was an awful time eh?
  • DrX2345
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    Pillio as a smaller map would be great. Vardos would work in OT and ST eras - for OT, Rebels have to advance through the city during the Cinder storm, ending up capturing the main Imperial building.
    Then in the ST era, the Resistance have to defend against an AT-M6 which is moving through the city towards the capital building, and if they fail then the FO take control of some strategic points (perhaps some of the same ones from GCW Vardos?) before capturing the capital building again.
    New alien and human skins would also be great - pretty sure there's assets for them in the files, as there was those dudes with the big yellow eyes in the campaign as well as more human skin variety.
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    Imagine it

    A horde of Bipedal Millennium Falcons with cheeseburgers for legs
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  • Vardos for GA, Blast and HvV. Pillio for Blast and HvV.
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  • Royazeee
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    Ishi Tib here,
    Imagine Pillio in HvV
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