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Anti-vehicle tricks for non heavies?

There’s nothing worse for me than spawning and having an AT-RT or other vehicle blow me sky high after taking a few steps or even turning a corner and looking down an artillery barrel. Any tips to eliminate tanks without having to switch classes? I know if I’m using an assault trooper and I can see the driver I can most always take the driver out without needing to destroy the vehicle. If I can land a few headshots it goes real quick. As long as I can get them off before I get blasted! How do you deal with these armored menaces? 😁


  • Aesan
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    I am running away :D

    Unfortunetely, I think that there is no other option to defeat AT than switching classes. But if it comes to the smaller one, the best idea is the "shoot and hide" strategy, so you can turn the fire on you when the rest of the team will try to handle the issue.
  • In my experience, either the 3rd or 4th Officer weapon is great against an AT-ST.

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