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Anti-vehicle tricks for non heavies?

There’s nothing worse for me than spawning and having an AT-RT or other vehicle blow me sky high after taking a few steps or even turning a corner and looking down an artillery barrel. Any tips to eliminate tanks without having to switch classes? I know if I’m using an assault trooper and I can see the driver I can most always take the driver out without needing to destroy the vehicle. If I can land a few headshots it goes real quick. As long as I can get them off before I get blasted! How do you deal with these armored menaces? 😁


  • Devlin21
    8320 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    Ion torpedo is currently overpowered. So theres that.

    Ion greande for assault.

  • Popporito
    2 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    Most vehicles without a visible driver should have a vulnerable spot (known as their critical system) where you can deal more damage. For the AT-ST's it's the rear panels.
  • OcDoc
    1295 posts Member
    For non-heavy class...

    Use one of your guns with Ion shot, most classes have a gun with that attachment. Try to get behind the vehicle for more damage. If it is an AT-RT or speeder, try to get headshots. If you see someone else shooting the vehicle, don’t worry so much about getting behind the vehicle just try getting some shots in and hopefully more players join in on the take down. The best option is to have teammates help you by shooting at vehicles. Can also throw a smart Ion grenade but it is a mediocre amount of damage.

    Otherwise, use the currently OP heavy Ion Torpedo while it lasts.
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