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More options for sequel-era content?

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So I was looking at my old threads, saw a post I made a few months ago about a prediction I made back in 2016, about sequel-era content.
JackTHorn wrote: »
Just thoughts on potential content.

I'm generally thinking we'll see the following:

  • Jakku: Niima Outpost -
  • Erevana Freighter - large bay w/Falcon, halls w/quarters & cockpit, gridlike storage area, engine rooms
  • Takodana: Nymeve Castle - possibly partially in ruins
  • Takodana: Forest - green and mossy, steep hills and ravines, lake nearby
  • D'Qar: Rebel Base - especially if it gets attacked in Episode 8
  • Starkiller Base: Interior - detention center, command area, generator and chasm
  • Starkiller Base: Twilight Forest - snowy and dim, pine trees, cliffs

  • EL-16 HFE Rifle - standard issue for Resistance Soldiers
  • Glie-44 Pistol - standard issue for Resistance Pilots and Officers
  • F-11D Rifle - standard issue for First Order Stormtroopers
  • SE-44c Pistol - standard issue for First Order Stormtroopers and Officers
  • FWMB-10 Repeater - Used by First Order Heavy Stormtroopers
  • LPA NN-14 Pistol - slow-firing pistol with a heavy punch, similar to the DT-12 in BF1
  • Wasp Rifle -
  • Heavy Bore Rifle -
  • Donderbus Blaster -
  • Boiler Rifle -
  • Hutsplitter Rifle -

  • Poe Dameron - buffed Glie-44, lucky shot, BB-8, Morale (armor buff to nearby allies)
  • Finn - buffed EL-16 HFE Rifle,
  • Rey - blue lightsaber, saber block, buffed NN-14, mind trick
  • Han Solo - buffed DL-44, rush, lucky shot, rapid fire
  • Chewbacca - buffed bowcaster, double bolts, roar, ground slam
  • Master Luke - green lightsaber, saber block, heavy strike, force push,
  • Kylo Ren - red lightsaber, saber block, heavy attack, force freeze, mind trick
  • General Hux - buffed black SE-44c, Orbital Strike, Rage (damage buff to nearby allies)
  • Captain Phasma - buffed F-11D with sniper option, precision buff for allies,
  • Sarco Plank - electrostaff and Tripled JSP-14 Pistol, poison darts, EMP, flash grenades
  • Athgar Heece - power jump, heavy melee, buffed blaster rifle
  • Bala-Tik - Tostovian Percussive Cannon, adrenaline stim, rage stim, scan pulse
I'd still really like to see some of these elements in the future. An Erevana map would be very cool... a Starkiller Base: Twilight Forest map, even if it's just for HvV and Blast... the LPA NN-14 pistol, the Glie-44 pistol, and a bunch of the random blasters like the Wasp or the Huttsplitter... and I'd still like to see Poe and Hux added in to the roster of heroes.
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