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Every post now has to be approved?

All of the sudden today nothing I post shows up and it says it will when it’s approved. I’ve checked back and posts from hours ago have not appeared. What’s happening?
Top favorite heroes and villains missing:
Ahsoka, Rex, Padme, Cody, Mace
Bane, Thrawn, Ventress, Jango, Savage


  • IIPrest0nII
    4418 posts SWBF Senior Moderator

    First, I moved your topic to Off-topic section.
    Second, I approved all posts/threads in the Spam filter. Spam filter can be triggered if you edit or re-post the same topic very often.

    If the forums will request an approve again, please contact us and we will approve your comment/topic.

    Star Wars Battlefront Community Forums Moderator. I do not work for EA.
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