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August Community Calendar

PT Heroes prices

Hello EA team!

Could you let us know the PT heroes prices in advance so that we can plan what to do with our credits?



  • Devlin21
    8325 posts Member
    Below 80k

  • There are 80k possibilities below 80k.

  • JediJulius
    518 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    I think no more than 25k a piece, or 100k for all four combined. I understand people have large stockpiles of credits, but skins should be the solution for that. If prequel hero prices are sky high, then new players and even middle tier players could get locked out of them for quite a while, which also could have the occasional problem of a daily challenge requiring use of said hero(es).

    I could probably be talked up a bit (maybe 30k or so), but something like 50, 60, or 75 thousand would just be too much imo. They need to pump out more skins to drain everyone's credits if that's a problem.
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