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AFK players on Xbox

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edited July 2018
I thought rage quitters were contemptible. AFK players bring new meaning to the word. Can't be that hard to turn your game off when you're not playing. Apparently it is. Too many [removed] playing this game.
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  • The censored word is only eejit, didn't realise it was offensive.
  • Happened to me heaps on HvV on Ps4 tonight
    Game after game 1 player would be just frozen and leave us with 3 fighting players
    To make matters worse was the player got kicked out and then a couple minutes later they were back in the same game doing it all again
  • It happens way more often than it should. It's like half the player base are either ragequitters, AFK or using exploits. I love star wars and battlefield so the game is perfect for me but so many players are just intolerable.
  • I generally assume they’ve gone to the restroom, then realize they’re hungry, then feed their fat faces, then make a phone call with their fat face, then blow their fat nose then remember they left a team with three players to get a big fat “L”!!
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