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Forest of Endor

Let’s Add These Luke Appearances!

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~Luke Skywalker~

The last true hope in the galaxy... the only one strong enough to take on the lord of the sith and restore justice to the galaxy once more Luke Skywalkers legend will live long through our time in the starwars universe!

Episode: VI
Unlock [Free]
Level Requirement: None

A young farmboy on the edge of the outer rim with dreams of sailing off to see the stars while be completely unaware that the fate of the universe and all things in it lie solely in his naive and ambitious hands. Although clumsy and full of room for learning improvement he is the galaxy’s true savior....

Episode: IV
Farm Boy
Unlock [1000 crystals]
Level Required: Rank 30

Right after successfully seeing to the rebels progression and safe escape from the empire his friends will go to regroup with the other rebels. But he will not be Joining them for Luke has another journey! One he must take alone... to meet the last Jedi Master....

Episode: V
Unlock [500 Crystals]
Level Requirement: Rank 25

Luke faces to save his friends from the danger of the powerful dark lord himself! Darth Vader! Luke will have the fight of his life as this is the first time going into battle with his saber instead of his blaster and with a Sith Lord no less. Luke and Vader will have an amazing fight but is Luke really gonna be able to survive this challenge....

Episode: V
Unlock [2000 crystals]
Level Required: Rank 30

On the dangerous streets of Tatooine Young Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker must barter with the the well renounced and much feared crime boss Jabba the Hutt to save his friend Gan from cruel imprisonment. As the gates to the palace start to open a mysterious cloaked stranger strives at the helm of the door brushing the guards off easily with the sway of his will... the jedi has arrived....

Episode: VI
Unlock [500 credits]
Level Requirement: Rank 30

Launched on a covert mission by the rebels Han Leia and Luke set of to Endor to infiltrate the Imperial Base but Luke has a mission if his own story confront the notorious Darth Vader and free his father from the emperors reign....

Episode: VI
Unlock [2000 Crystals]
Level Required: Rank 30

The final hour evil will meet the light and Luke will fulfill his destiny or perish trying to do so! It’s just him and his father now. Will Luke be able to reach his father without being destroyed in the process first or will the Jedi finally forevermore strike down the all powerful Sith Lord....

Episode: VI
Unlock [500 crystals]
Level Required: Rank 25

30 years after the fall of the Empire ...The worlds last great savior has gone into hiding and closed himself off from the force... meanwhile a new terror has been rising the all powerful Kylo Ren has been rebuilding the empire through means of the new growing first order in honor of his grandfather. With no one to balance his power the galaxy is doomed. All hope is lost except for one stranger that will turn to this old Jedi legend seeking knowledge in the ways of the force. This girl may be the last hope.....

Episode: VII + VIII
Unlock [Available through Heroes-Quest challenge][/b]
Level Requirement: Rank 250
Entry Requirement: *All Luke appearances & Star-Cards must be owned*

I wouldn’t mind if these were locked in crystals as you can check my previous game layout design plan to see how that would work see Heroes-Quest here
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