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Paid maps for Arcade mode

Throw in four or five new and engaging Arcade modes for grown-ups with only one free map each, and continuously sell us maps for said modes. I am not at all excited over cosmetics but I would love to buy and collect such maps over time, and the best things is that the game will be worth playing even ten years from now, narrowly escaping the fate of Star Wars Battlefront 2015. These maps could be new and ported, and could be a) "free to play" online, and b) "buy to keep" individually/bundled.

By saying "for grown-ups" I don't intend to belittle neither the players, nor the developers. It's just that right now Arcade is good enough for target practice and not much else, hence I feel childish playing it. How about a dynamically generated story leading you through a growing playlist of maps to "save the hostage," "retrieve the stolen data," "defeat the ultimate hero/villain," "free/conquer the indigenous sentient species," "defend an organized retreat, and then counterattack," "gather the parts and construct/upgrade your lightsaber for the final showdown with your archenemy?" It would be fun to play alone and cooperatively.


  • Evazan127
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    Not sure how these would sell but I would definitely buy some sort of offline season pass.
  • I'd be down for something like this! Would love to get new portions of maps, extended boundary maps, and BF 2015 maps. I like the mission scenarios you listed and would also like to see "wave-based" survival modes like on BF 2015 and a Galactic Conquest mode like in the original BF2. And if they threw in some more battle scenarios and some more campaign missions, I'd buy an offline season pass.
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