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Hvv unplayable on Xbox one

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edited July 2018
On kamino somehow this tool got himself to be boba fett as target over and over and got under the floor. He was still able to shoot us but no one could get him. We had a good game until that fool did that. I've also seen boba somehow behind one of the glass windows.

That's all this game is now.
Until dice fixes the glitches, switches teams after matches and either identifies coordinated teams or bans them from hvv, this is now worse than ever and near impossible to get into a single decent game. It's probably 1 in 10 at least that is good.

I keep coming back and hoping but I may move on to a new game I got. I'm more Star Wars fan than gamer which I imagine is what've a lot of people playing are but a good majority is these jerks messing about now and ruining the game and dice appears o be ok with that.

Dice no one is going to buy skins if they are driven away! A great game mode just ruined first by EA now by DIce. So thy have to trade off who sucks worse or something? We get new content... yeah... oh wait the game is ruined now.
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