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Reverse the Falcons HP nerf

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Hey folks!

My ingame Name is Wildpeasant, if u saw my name before u know i am a Main falcon player! I played hundreds of hours with Han(40) and a bit of Lando(34) and Rey(26).
The recent nerf was super unnecessary to balance SA hvv cause the falcons were always OP from frontal engagement but weak if someone got your back. Before the nerf The falcons were EASY prey to Maul which doesnt changed at all, just became more easier.

It means the original hp wouldnt effect it's SA hvv performance at all while in SA the falcons became super weak with this heavy 33% hp nerf(6k hp with shield). My uptime with them are drastically decreased also, cant do much dmg on objectives either cause after 1 TIE got my back i am forced to run, cause of the lack of HP and any defensive ability.

I kindly ask Dice with their upcoming"HOTFIX"reverse the HP nerf of the falcons!!!
A slightly Speed buff on the base speed would be nice too but right now i would be more than happy to have my old falcon back as it was before!


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