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Who owns a Nintendo Switch?



  • I should mention that I'm also getting SMBU too, as well The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Both of them for Christmas. :)
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  • mastery0ta
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    edited December 2018
    Oh yes just finally bought one. Smash brothers ultimate makes me feel like its 1999 again. The hype is real y'all!
  • Yes

    Got my son one for Xmas, it’s hardly been used by either of us so far, fornite, BO4 and BF17 are getting in the way
  • My ps4 has been gently weeping. Nintendo never fails. (Me anyways) gotta pick up that new zelda game it's been calling me
  • I have a Switch too and sometimes I feel like I play it more than my PS4. I have it on me when I go to work since i have a 40 mins train trip to get there. For exclusive games I have Zelda, Mario, Splatoon 2 (even though I mainly play it for the single player campaigns and it's a blast) and, of course, SSBU. With only this 4 games from Nintendo I've had tons of hours of enjoyment, but I also have some other games like Bayonetta 1 + 2 (which I have bought a few times by now) and I'm planning on buying Dark Souls and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 at some point. It's really a great gaming machine undocked.
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  • nice to know it might be worth it
    cause everything you read on the internet is true...
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    Hey guys whoever has a switch post your friend code (if you want) I just got one and am enjoying it so far, I plan on getting the new pokemon game (it will be the first one Ive ever payed for) because I haven't played pokemon in a long time and want to get back in the grind. hopefully if anyone has it too/gets it, we can trade, trade back to get access to golem, gengar etc. looking at you @FriedPizza773 lol

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