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Game Mode Player Requirements

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I'm currently playing Battlefront 1 for the Xbox One but can't get some of the DLC game modes/maps started such as sabotage because the player requirement is so large compared to the small amount of players trying to get on those modes and maps. Is it possible that the team could release an update to reduce this requirement please?


  • The same thing happens on PC or even worse. This matchmaking system is awful, that's the only reason why this game is almost dead. You cannot see where the people are and the requirement to start matches is too high!

    12 players needed on DLCs? and sometimes even 20 players! with this horrible matchmaking system? It's just impossible try to start a single game on these game modes!

    DICE or EA fix this. The game is dead because of this. This is the only reason because it is a good game.
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