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December CC

Jason Goodacre

17 posts Member

I have been on this game solid on the Xbox and PS4. I have a clean record of well over a 1000 wins and coming top hero each time. I have a lot of footbage of tasking on whole teams with full health half health and little health. There’s many many things I would like to feedback to EA about battlefront and certain algerithems I’ve picked up on to literally know every time what character To go for taking them out 1 by 1. Each hero and villian should be able to stand there own ground. That being said many characters with the new updates have become worse than before or made better, there’s no constant improvement. Taking Blocking off the stamina is the worse idea I have ever ever heard of, this should only be the case when blocking blaster shots and lightsabers. There Jedi it defeats the whole point of there power. That being said, I think personally the move should be towards the dodge, heros and villains can dodge twice then about 1 second again 2 dodges. This should be taken out of the stamina, and take one of those white lines. Same for jumping. Blocking should never be limited unless being attached by gun fire or a lightsaber. When a duel happens maybe a counter should be included the first to hit counter gets a strike. When the lightsaber clash happens only make it so the hero and villains only go tiny parts away so then the dual can continue as hero’s and villains can leap to targets.

Having said that the second update was by far the best.

People do not want to grind with players like myself online, the amount of people who leave is unreal. I believe I really could help this game achieve some amazing publicity. As well as help test and improve the characters. I really am dreading the new update because of the new blocking system. If I knew a little bit more detail about the stamina and how it works I’ve got so much knowledge I could talk about for days with the game. The moves the timeing. The dodging. All sorts. Moves being able to be used in the air would be insane. I like to move around just dodging and using light saber dash with yoda or dash with luke. Because of the damage reduction. This also being said makes luke very powerful. as you know he can heal very fast. So causing quick damage leaving the fight quick recovering using dash strike he’s actually close to invisible.

As for yoda now. Just wow.

I took on yesterday darth vadar, darth maul and kylo ren. I have the saved footage and I absolutely thrashed them. And they took about 150 health.

The characters are changing to much making to much change and variations.

Also what is with yodas jump he’s a Jedi that’s crazy.

He’s small yes but he’s one of the most poweful force uses.

I just feel a lot needs to be taken back with the game to the start. And the timing of the cards changed. Slight other changes need to be made to players health but over all I really do like this game and it’s fustrating to see what’s happening.


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