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Bossk head blocking view when ADS

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edited July 2018
Just want to bring up a comment to see if this a common issue with other players.

It is my understanding that Bossk is still in 3rd Person when Aiming Down Scope (ADS). As such, his head can block a significant portion of the screen when trying to snipe or aim at targets.

Normally isnt much of an issue but does happens on occassion. Particularly noticeable when i play with him on the Yavin map. Is this just a glitch i need to continue to just play through or is there a workaround to fix this when playing? Thank you everyone for the input.

<u>Quick EA Thumbs Up</u>:
Never posted before. So I do want to quickly give a shout out of appreciation to EA for when they do update the community with news, fixes, glitches, and feedback. Transparency is key to building consumer loyalty and trust. Clone Wars content coming out soon is awesome to hear too!


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