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November Community Calendar

Top 5 Campaign maps to add to Multiplayer | Star Wars Battlefront II

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These looks really cool to add as we need more GA maps and Sullust, rebels assault the ATAT factory or just use the one from battlefront 1 with ATAT moving to rebel transports, Pillio stop the rebel's from reaching palpy's safe. Also introduce the idea of a 3rd faction with the bugs attacking both sides on the map in certain areas, preventing them from being camping areas. Vardos I remember them mentioning there was suppose to be a campaign missing where Rebels were suppose to be assaulting Vardos and Iden was suppose to lead an ATAT to retake the area from the rebels. Idk about Bespin, at least the one shown here. the outside and inside on Battlefront 1 was better. Replace Walker assault from Battlefront 1 to Battlefront 2 GA mode. Resurgent Star destroyer where Resistance fighters infiltrate the star destroyer and try to sabotage the ship and make a get away or a prison break.

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